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Where we came from


Joe was a plastics engineer by training. Food was always his passion, so, eventually he chucked plastics and started at the bottom of the food… food-chain! He worked his way up and after a short stint in Cyprus, Joe and Koulla opened The Clay Oven Restaurant in 2013. Five years on… with their special brand of cultural fusion, PortuGreek Food Truck was born

Joe lived his dream for the nearly eight years since clay oven was born. Sadly, he died for his dream too. He passed away suddenly on July 24th 2021. He worked until 10 days before he passed away. We believe he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Clay oven owes Joe a huge debt of gratitude. His legacy is visible in all the beautiful food pics that can be seen in the galleries of our social media accounts. And in the overwhelming support and love his customers have shown Koulla since his passing.

Andrew, Koulla’s son has stepped in to help steer Clay Oven and PortuGreek Food Truck into its new era without Joe. We will keep his legacy alive and stay true to his values of attention to quality and freshness. Andrew is also committed to driving innovative changes and additions that Joe would have loved.

Watch this space and come ride with us!

2020 and beyond

The food game is not easy. Ya gotta luv it. And we do!

Our parent company, Clay Oven Restaurant, began life in 2013. As a small, Portuguese and Greek fusion food eatery. Portuguese because of Joe – the founding chef whose creativity produced his unique brand of delish! Greek because of Koulla – his wife. New ideas were vetted by Koulla or didn’t make it onto the menu! Taking pride in delivering great food, great value – every time

We are tough! Survived tough times and through it all a loyal following grew. Which means the current madness since March 2020 is the next chapter; driving the business to stay the course and move forward. Our focus is our customers. The local community is great in its support of this little food business. We look forward to welcoming regulars and new customers with big hugs (regulations permitting) and big smiles (if you can see them behind the masks 😊) to Clay Oven in our new location in Northriding