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2021 Rodizio Evening - Saturday 16th October

Rodizio – (pronounced [ʁoˈdʒiziu] in Brazil) is an all-you-can-eat style of food service … Rodízio courses are served right off the cooking spit and plated right at the table

Blog: 14 September 2021

Sunny skies predicted for the weekend, so here’s a tip from Koulla for a refreshing drink. It’s lemon season. When I’m looking for coolth (geddit?) I ask for lemon, lemon, lemon and lemon. My waiters know what that means: it means I’m craving vitamin C with the tastebud kick. Squeeze a bunch of lemons (four or more depending on size). In a tall glass, add ice up to halfway up. Crush a mint leaf into the ice. Add the lemon juice. Top with sparkling water. Aaaaaah!

If that’s too, well, lemony for you… add half a teaspoon of sugar (or quarter teaspoon stevia powder) and swizzle until it’s dissolved and enjoy it that way.

Another Koulla fave drink is sweet!! We put rose milkshake on the map at Clay Oven, and that comes from my childhood memory of rose ice cream from a street vendor in Cyprus. Rose is one of those Middle Eastern tastes that evokes joy, laughter, sun and play for me. So when I feel like I need a dose of all of that, and don’t want the calories of a full shake (that’s for kids with busy metabolisms!) I have a shot of rose syrup in a glass of ice and water. I just love the playful swirling of red as it mixes to make a pink cloud of… joy, laughter, sun and play!

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